Our Favorite Pictures Portraying Women Who Lean In.

Here are our favorite pictures from Getty Images commissioned study of how women are portrayed in the media. We are pleased to see that they were of dynamic, intelligent, vibrant and happy ladies!  A personal favorite which was not included is a of an engineer in a construction hat inspecting a job on site.


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  1. Hawk July 21, 2016 at 7:06 pm

    The more I read Fj3n&mard#o9;s responses to such evil lies, the more I think David vs. Goliath. I hope and pray that many Norwegians are coming out of their fantasies and political stupor and reading him afresh.With the horrors coming out of Denmark and the news that the Seals rescued Danish hostages in Somalia, I wonder how much longer the press can continue in its vacuum without imploding completely.

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