Who needs luxury-really?

It’s a well-known secret of every consumer.  “Nobody needs anything luxury.”  The pursuit of luxury can be as ridiculous as cashing your life’s savings to take a trip to space or as meaningful as laying your eyes on Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel.  The value of luxury is as objective as beauty.  Beauty after all lies in the eye of the beholder.  Yet we can all appreciate beauty when we see it, as we think it should be.  There is however some consensus on the elements of beauty and luxury.  How else could one price or value artful masterpieces or appreciate a well-choreographed play, an intriguing novel or a brilliantly directed movie.  Luxury branding carries with it an inherent quality and value that is appreciated only by its end user.  Whether it’s an ice-cream treat, a summit on Mount Everett to catch a glimpse of nature’s true beauty, or the feeling you get from the soft touch of a warm cashmere coat.  Nobody needs luxury but much like music, and art, it’s appreciation is tangible and subjective.  A foodie’s idea of luxury is perfectly contrary to an avid music lover’s.  One buys white truffle at a local market for $50 while the other pays $600 to see one of the last remaining Beatles in concert…now whose being ridiculous?

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