A little sugar for honey dew skin on your next trip

We have all heard the saying “beauty is skin deep” and sometimes it feels as though there is no limit on how much we  will spend on beauty creams, potions and serums in a quest for that beautiful glow.  We forget that with a little patience DIY and TLC we can achieve it all at home.  

One tried and true formula we tend to forget is brown sugar and raw honey.  Yes it is sticky but it is also sweet and is sure to leave skin soft, supple and refreshed.    A quick mixture of equal parts brown sugar and grade-A honey will get your tired parched skin ready for the beach in no time after a long flight.  So leave the bottles and potions at home and travel light.

 Pick up some brown sugar and honey at your next destination.  Skip the spa on your first night in town.  Relax with a bottle of wine and treat yourself to a sweet brown sugar and honey scrub.  Follow with a gentle rub of pure certified Emu oil and hit the sack.  You will be well rested buff and ready for your next adventure.

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