Essential closet hacks for the girl on the go.

How to use accessories to freshen your look.

Life in the uber casual lane can me great. I mean there is no pressure to dress up for work, or happy hour after work. Casual Friday has become more like casual every day but if you are looking to stand out at that dinner party after work, here a few tips that will get you noticed without much effort.

1. Get that little black dress. It does not have to be an Audrey Hepburn little black dress, but it needs to be simple, wrinkle resistant, smart and stylish. I could be a T-dress or a romper. It can also be a shade or white or gray by the way.

2. Get some eye interesting statement jewelry or a set of discrete and timeless pieces like a Tiffany necklace, Bvlgari, Cartier, or whatever you like in you price point. This may cost you a pretty penny in at first but worth the trouble because you can literally wear them for decades.

3. Have a pair comfortable but fun shoes. It needs to be gold tone, silver with shimmer, or a poppy color (yellow, red, pink, purple or green).

4. Last but not least important, you need a small cute purse to stash your favorite, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara and a black or transparent hair tie.

Next time you have to make a mad dash or want to upgrade your casual Friday or casual every day, think:- black dress >bold jewelry>poppy shoe>and a cute purse!

P.S Don’t forget to Slick your hair back on your way out with the hair tie.

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